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New quality of measurements

NGLMachining provides precise measurement data that influence the optimization of production processes. FARO® laser systems, which we apply on a daily basis, give us the possibility of collecting data and their multidirectional analysis in relation to any set coordinate systems.

The FARO laser systems we apply are the best and most comprehensive devices for 3D measurements and visualization. They create a new quality in measurement metrology with their precision and functionality far exceeding the capabilities of commonly used tacheometric devices.

The FARO portable, coordinate measuring devices that we use on a daily basis, provide us with the possibility of collecting data and their multi-directional analysis in real time. The technology used and adapted to our needs shortens the time of the measurement itself and allows for more effective processing of the results and, consequently, the optimization of production processes.


Comprehensive measurement solutions for industry

We carry out measurements for the needs of various industries with numerous applications. The complexity of the FARO system allows us to use it in many directions: from measuring small workpieces to measuring large-size structures. The data collected owing to the Metrolog inspection software can be analysed and presented on a multi-level basis in a form of clear and intuitive reports.


Dimensional analysis:Measurement control in terms of accuracy and quality of workmanship of a given element/workpiece (including large-size elements)
Tool construction:Possibility to perform volumetric tests of parts and moulds, while ensuring the highest production standards.
Reverse engineering:Possibility to create CAD models, design concepts or spare parts
Machine calibration:Calibration and recalibration of machines to ensure their optimal production parameters
Control during production:Possibility to perform real-time measurement control on the production line/during production process
Delivery inspection:Prevention of the use of parts that do not meet the imposed tolerances
First series control:Possibility to check the results of trial production by verifying the compliance of the parts with all technical and design requirements
CAD based inspectionComparisons carried out with the CAD model to identify variations in surface shape

Unlimited measurement possibilities

FARO TrackArm is the most versatile portable 3D measurement device. It combines both the long range and the extraordinary precision of the FARO laser tracker with the flexibility and reliability of the measuring arm. The combination of both systems allows us to increase the measuring range of the arm, to freely position this device within the range of the tracker; while remaining in the same coordinate system and software. The huge advantage of this system is the possibility of using both devices individually or as a complete set of the FARO TrackArm system.

FARO ScanArm (hand-held laser scanner) allows us to instantly collect point clouds in the highest resolution and maintaining high accuracy. And, this means that in just a few moments we can reverse engineer the workpieces that we are focused on in a virtual form and create a CAD model for an object that does not exist at the beginning of the process.

Transparency of the data provided

We apply the Metrolog XG ® inspection software to process the collected measurement points. The program meets all 3D measurement requirements and the currently applicable quality criteria; from simple measurements of geometric objects through complex measurement tasks based on CAD files.

We present the results of the measurements in the form of clear, text and graphic reports. Transparency of the provided data is aimed at simplifying the management of the obtained results and directly influencing the method of monitoring the production processes.