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Who we are?

NGLMachining was founded by a team of specialists from various backgrounds, with different skills and experience. We are brought together by passion for innovation and willingness to solve problems that our clients have to face on a daily basis. The uniqueness of the industry in which we operate is based on the fact that there is no repeatability in terms of the projects we implement. Virtually every order is different, requires a different idea, the application of a different technology, or the use of different tools.

The NGLMachining company was founded as an answer to the market demand expecting mobile machining services while maintaining the performance tolerance regime. Our goal is to find an alternative to stationary machining, eliminating the need to disassemble and transport the machined component. We focused our efforts primarily on innovation and non-typicality of applied solutions, as well as the timeliness and the performance precision.
Our main objective is to provide maintenance services at the highest level, while keeping the regime of design tolerance. We don’t need to be the greatest… but we have to be the best.

Why us?

  • Immediate action

    Most of the work is performed in the service mode, which requires quick mobilization and action. The awareness of the consequences associated with unplanned downtime and the consequences of failure to meet the agreed deadline for the performance of the service affects the effectiveness of our projects.

  • Innovative solutions

    The provision of our services based on machining in mobile technology forces us to constantly expand and modify our machine park. Most of the projects we carry out are atypical, requiring the use of innovative, and previously unused solutions.

  • Quality and precision of workmanship

    The high quality and precision of our services is the result of combining the technological capabilities of the machines we apply on a daily basis (CLIMAX, Chris-Marine, Sunnen, FARO, Easy Laser brands), along with the skills and experience of our operators as well as teams performing measurements.

Experienced staff

Our experienced personnel, professionalism and precision of operation were the foundations of our company’s success measured by the number of satisfied customers and the number of completed projects. Currently we provide our services to companies from the shipbuilding, steel, power, chemical and mining industries for which the mobility and quick response of our services provides financial and time savings. We provide services to companies in Poland and abroad.

We are present wherever the machining process is particularly difficult and requires non-standard solutions.
We constantly strive to develop and improve our services: we add new equipment to our machine park and we improve the qualifications and skills of our personnel. We continue to broaden our offer to meet the increasing and ever changing demands of our customers.


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