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The scope of services we provide is very broad and expands beyond the general spectrum of machining. By being able to reach the machined element (by installing the machining device on the workpiece) we are able to provide new production and overhaul technology. We have a machine park that together with the appropriate work methodology (sometimes non typical and innovative) we are able to perform tasks that until recently were only possible to perform using stationary machines.

When carrying out work in the field of on-site machining, we use specialized, portable machines, designed bearing in mind limited spaces and places where conventional machines – for obvious reasons – could not be utilised. Our portable boring machines, milling machines and lathes are characterized by a compact and modular design. They have been adapted to operate in harsh conditions with the use of a drive system that allows to provide optimal power to the weight proportion. In principle, the machining process we use, when applying portable machines, is identical to that of stationary machines, however there are a few basic differences. It is us who bring the machines to the workpiece, not the other way around.

For the needs of machining work, but also as an independent service, we perform spatial measurements using coordinate measuring devices. The Easy laser and FARO laser systems, which we use on a daily basis, give us the possibility of collecting data and their quick and multidirectional analysis (in the case of FARO Laser Tracker and FAROArm, the analysis can be performed in relation to any given coordinate systems).

Industrial metrology
  • coordinate measurements of objects of various sizes and shapes using FARO® laser systems (FARO Laser Tracker, FAROArm, FARO ScanArm),
  • geometric measurements with the use of Easy Laser® systems (measurements of parallelism, flatness, straightness, axiality),
On-site turning
  • machining of flange faces,
  • machining of flange connections,
  • machining of spherical foundation planes,
On-site milling
  • milling of planes and elements on large-size structures,
  • milling of flange connections and foundation surfaces,
  • milling of foundations and press tables with regeneration of "T" grooves,
  • milling of groove channels,
On-site boring
  • machining of internal diameters of seats of various sizes and configurations (machining of individual seats, coaxial machining of pairs and sets of seats, machining of blind seats),
  • machining of the flange faces while maintaining the measurement correlation with the seating axis
  • grinding of valve rebates,
  • grinding of sealing surfaces,
On-site machining of journals
  • machining of the outer surfaces of the journals,
  • execution/regeneration of groove channels on the outer diameter of the journal/shaft,
On-site honing
  • honing of internal cylindrical surfaces,
Regeneration of ship machinery and equipment
  • machining work carried out on marine combustion engines (regeneration of contact surfaces for cylinder sleeves, boring/regeneration of camshaft bearing seats, removal of broken pins),
  • regenerative control systems of vessels,
  • regeneration of bearing seats of gears and bow thrusters,
On-site drilling, threading
  • execution of cylindrical and threaded mounting holes,
  • thread regeneration,
  • making of alignment holes

Non-standard/specialist machining

Machining performed with the use of specialized machines, constructed for the needs of a specific service task.
Our portable boring machines, milling machines and lathes are characterized by a compact and modular design. Their versatility and universality allow for the implementation of most types of work. Nevertheless, it sometimes turns out that the spaces in which the machining is to be carried out are as unusual as the machining process itself is so that “standard” machines cannot be used. Then, there is a need to make an individual application, based on existing machines, or to build a completely new machine. In most cases, the implementation of individual solutions is feasible, however it takes time, additional man-hours spent at the workshop before commencing the actual work on the project.